5 Equipments You Should Use When You’re In The Gym

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If you’re a gym newbie, it’s normal to be confused on what equipment to use when you’re working out. It’s a good thing that there are many personal trainers in the gym that you can consult with. However, if you want to have an idea about what’s available before you make your gym visit, here are some of the equipments that are typically used.

Cardiovascular Equipment
Any personal trainer would advice beginners to warm up with some cardio first, before hitting the more complicated gym equipments. You can do this using a treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, or elliptical trainer. What’s great with these equipments is that they can monitor certain statistics, like your heart rate and mileage.

Strength Training Equipment
If you want to have those big, bulging muscles in your arms and chests, then strength training equipments are the way to go. They come in two kinds: free weights and weight machines. Most people prefer using free weights as these make use your whole body to have balance. On the other hand, the machines are simpler to use and give you the opportunity to lift heavier loads.

Resistance and Balance Equipment
As the name suggests, these are used for developing resistance and balance. They can also be used to enhance your strength. Medicine balls are very effective for abdominal workouts and are great for doing crunches. Inflatable pads are perfect for doing lunges and strengthening leg muscles. If you want to build muscle but do not want to use weights, you can use elastic bands.

Some people take the bench for granted, but this equipment is so versatile that you can do a lot of exercises on it. From bench pressing to leg raises for your abdominals, the bench gives added support for your workouts.

Jump Rope
This handy workout tool can be used even if you’re not in the gym. It would definitely improve your coordination, stamina, and endurance. You can also use it for warming up.

Play Your Power Song to Go the Extra Mile

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For any person who is working out, there are those moments that you get so bored that you just want to stop exercising. Ask any Chicago fitness trainer and they will agree that it is important that you spice up your workouts. This article talks about the different kinds of songs that you can work out to, which will eventually help you in finding that power song for your workout. Because people like a variety of things, no need to strictly follow these suggestions. These are just guidelines if you do not have workout songs of your own.

Warm ups

Start with something a little slow that will help you prep for your high intensity training. Why don’t you try going for Tiesto’s Escape Me and the pop princess’ Britney Spears “3” to get you in the mood. This is perfect for stretching or those light jogs that you need to do before doing high-intensity workouts.

Intense Weightlifting Exercises

It may sound a bit too sexy and mischievous, but Drake’s Best I Ever Had is perfect for those intensive workouts. Its backbeat gives a fast paced feel that will help you give the power and speed that you need to complete your sets. As for weightlifting, some personal trainers recommend hits from Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift. The musical beats perfectly time your pace of exerting effort and contracting it.

Cool Downs

After intense workouts, cool downs are excellent for people to relax. Try some slow beats. Go for old tunes like Sinatra or maybe even some modern hits like Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.” These are great songs to play when you are stretching on your mat. Cool down songs may not give you the powerful boost to go the extra mile, but it will surely make you feel good after a grueling workout.

Three Fun Ways to Burn BIG Calories this Spring

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When the sun is out and there’s perfectly cool weather, you always want to do something outside. A walk in the park is something that you can do to burn calories. If you live in Chicago and have a personal trainer for your workouts, you can ask for some safe and effective calorie burning activity you can do in the great outdoors. Your Chicago fitness trainer will agree that the three activities below are excellent workouts for the purpose.

Get on the Tennis Court

You don’t have to be pro to benefit from 500 calories being burned in one hour of tennis. Neither will it cost a fortune since you can get those tennis racquets and a can of tennis balls for about $25 in any outlet or sporting goods store. While it would be great to play tennis with a friend, you can also do it against a wall. There are online videos on how to play the game. You can also enroll in a tennis clinic if you want to become better.

Follow the Mountain Hiking Trail

Spend a weekend in the nearest mountain resort near your city, one with a hiking trail. Better than just walking on the boring pollution-rich city pavement, hiking on rugged terrain provides resistance that will help you burn 400 calories per hour. The beautiful scenery and the fresh mountain air add to the hiking thrill that will make you forget you’re huffing and puffing your way up a hill or mountain.

Do Your Chores

People often forget that doing home chores burn calories. Gathering and chopping wood for the fireplace if you live in the boondocks is great during winter, but just about any home chore can burn calories. A DIY project to beautify your home after the winter months can easily burn 200-300 calories per hour. Cleaning the front lawn of post winter debris, doing a general floor cleaning, and even a routine laundry can do likewise. Washing your car, motorbike or scooter is also another fun activity you can do with family members that can burn as much as 250 calories per hour.